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Overall Size

Size: 7'-6 1/2" W x 7'-3"H

Pricing Instructions

  1. A local price comparison must be completed as the first step in the approval process. The comparisons need to be made with stores that have a similar offering in a local proximity. This data will need to be gathered for both coffee AND tea. In doing so, the "Store Suggested Pricing" column can be filled in based on the knowledge of our competition.
    1. All three comparisons must be made for coffee and tea. If they are not completed, the application will not be reviewed until it is fully done.

  2. Once this is completed, in its entirety, please send via email to chris@hteao.com.
    1. All feedback will be made on the original thread once it is submitted.

  3. Review of the pricing, and its comparisons, will be made within a week of the emailed submission. Should an approval be given, please move forward with the steps below. Should the denial occur, an email will be provided as to why the submitted pricing was denied along with suggestive considerations to be made.
    1. Once revisions are completed, please resubmit the document in the original thread.

  4. Approval will be sent to the store email for the operator's final review. Once approved, Chris will email Titan signs and the marketing team for the menu boards and signage to be created.
  5. The operator will be responsible for filling out the pricing form located on hteao.ntxpossystems.com that will be uploaded to Revel to ensure pricing matches the approved pricing as well as the menus that will be created.
    1. *** Stores already in operation will not submit the form until the updated menu boards are received at the store location. ***

Download Pricing File